February 02,2004

Sen. Baucus Comments on Administration's Proposal to Repeal the Byrd Amendment

(Washington, D.C.) U.S. Senator Max Baucus, ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee,issued the following statement today concerning the Administration’s efforts to repeal the ByrdAmendment:

“I am frustrated and disappointed to note that – for the second year in a row – theAdministration has proposed a repeal of the "Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act," alsoknown as the Byrd Amendment, in this year’s budget.

The Byrd Amendment is good, common-sense trade policy. It simply states that the dutiescollected on unfairly traded imports should be redistributed to the industries injured by thoseimports. It is now benefiting industries in all 50 states.

Some may say that repealing the Byrd Amendment is justified by the recent World TradeOrganization (WTO) ruling against it. With the litigation still ongoing, any such suggestion ispremature. The WTO has not yet determined whether any trade retaliation is appropriate. Indeed,under any reasonable methodology, it is hard to see ho w adverse effects on our trading partners canbe proved that might lead to retaliation.

At a time when American manufacturing is struggling and many jobs are moving overseas,the Administration should be helping American businesses withstand unfair trading practices, sothey can prosper and provide jobs here in the United States. That is exactly what the ByrdAmendment does. It stands up for American workers and businesses and helps them compete on aneven playing field. I encourage the Administration to rethink their efforts to eliminate the ByrdAmendment and work together to strengthen the American economy."