January 11,2007

Sen. Grassley Reaction to New FDA Recommendations on Higher Fees for Drug Safety Program

Sen. Chuck Grassley issued the comment below regarding recommendations proposed
today by the Food and Drug Administration to increase funds for the agency’s drug safety
program, expand the agency’s review of television advertising and facilitate development of new

Sen. Grassley has led an active oversight effort of the Food and Drug Administration
since 2003 and proposed legislative reforms to dramatically improve the agency's post-market
surveillance of drugs.
Sen. Grassley's comment:  
“These dollars would represent a modest contribution to improving the post-market
surveillance work of the Food and Drug Administration.  I don’t want to denigrate any step in
that direction when a step is made with good intention, but to make sure the FDA is doing
everything it should to keep American consumers safe, comprehensive reform of the agency’s
structure and culture is needed.”