April 30,2004

Grassley, Baucus Welcome Return to the JOBS Act

“We look forward to returning to the JOBS bill next week, and to staying on the bill until the Senate passes it. We have a finite list of amendments, and we intend to work through amendments Monday, Tuesday, and until the bill is done. We should complete Senate action on the bill next week.

“Both of us share the goal of creating more good-paying jobs in our home states and throughout the country, and that's exactly what the JOBS bill will do.

“Every month that we delay enacting this bill sees another ratcheting up of European Union tariffs on American products, harming American business.

“Our bill passed the Senate Finance Committee on a strong 19-2 vote and has solid support in the Senate. We can no longer delay this vital bill. The Senate needs to pass the JOBS bill this coming week, and we will do everything possible to see that happen.”