March 03,2010

Baucus Comment on President’s Health Reform Remarks


To:  Reporters and Editors

From:  Scott Mulhauser and Erin Shields for Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.)

Re:  Baucus comments on President’s health care reform remarks

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) issued the following comment today after President Barack Obama’s remarks on health care reform.  From Chairman Baucus:

“Since we began a series of hearings to explore fundamental issues in health care reform nearly two years ago, this Congress has made tremendous progress to build consensus on how to make our health care system more affordable and sustainable for families, businesses and the federal budget.  The national discussion on health reform has made clear that too many Americans are suffering with illness but lack the care they need and burdened by debt because of our broken health care system and too many businesses cut their benefits or lay off workers because of increasing health care costs. 

“For nearly a year we have worked to craft legislation that reins in insurance company abuses, cuts taxes to make health care more affordable and increases choice and competition for consumers.  The bill we passed would not add a dime to the federal deficit and, in fact, reduces America’s debt by $132 billion in the first ten years and more than $650 billion in the ten years that follow.  Passing health care reform will improve America’s financial future and the health of individuals and families in Montana and across the nation.  We should act quickly to send a health care reform bill to the President and I’m confident we will.”