March 04,2010

Press Contact:

Jim Manley, Reid, (202) 224-2939
Scott Mulhauser/Erin Shields, Baucus, (202) 224-4515
Chip Unruh, Reed, (202) 224-3326

Baucus, Reed Join Family and Small Business Advocates to Discuss Efforts to Help American Workers, States and Businesses

Washington, DC— Senators Max Baucus and Jack Reed joined Donna Norton of Moms Rising and Terry Gardiner of the Small Business Majority at a press conference this afternoon to discuss how tax relief and safety net programs within the Senate jobs bill will assist American workers, states and businesses.  This bipartisan bill, the American Workers, State and Business Relief Act, is next in a series of measures that are a part of the bipartisan Senate jobs agenda.  This legislation will extend long-term assistance to unemployed workers, provide additional funding to protect Medicaid through FMAP, help states through critical disaster relief and extend tax relief to individuals and businesses.  Each of these proposals has enjoyed Republican support in the past. 

“Too many hard-working Americans have lost their jobs in this recession, and even those with a paycheck are struggling to make ends meet,” said Senator Baucus. “This legislation will extend tax cuts that businesses count on and give employers the tax certainty they need to pay their employees and hire new workers.  And, as we work to get our economy moving again, this bill also continues access to the unemployment benefits and COBRA tax credits American families and communities depend on for survival.  Getting Americans back to work is a critical priority, and continuing the tax cuts and benefits in this bill will provide the certainty our economy needs to create jobs.”

Senator Reed said: “While aid to the states, unemployment insurance, and COBRA extensions are all necessary, the ultimate solution is a growing economy and more jobs.  This bill will spur economic growth and provide more stability and predictability for families and businesses.  The American people can't afford more partisan delay tactics that needlessly blocks help for hard working families.  That type of obstruction hampers people's and businesses’ ability to plan for their future.  So I hope we can move forward with this bill and quickly get it to the President's desk.”

“As mothers, we’re used to rolling up our sleeves and solving problems.  But what we saw on Capitol Hill this week was dysfunction that caused, rather than solved, problems," said Donna Norton.  "We received many letters from our members asking how a simple extension of unemployment and health insurance for families in trouble became a political football.  America’s moms are asking lawmakers to extend these vital programs through the end of the year.  Every week of delay means that 200,000 more workers lose their benefits.”

Terry Gardiner said: “The recession has hit small businesses especially hard, and they've been unable to play their traditional role as job generators. They need legislation that, among other things, gives them access to more capital and reduces their costs. This bill works to do both by continuing to fund loan programs and extending small business tax cuts. This bill is an important part of the overall jobs package that will help get small businesses, and the economy, back on track.”