February 16,2007

Baucus Comments on House Vote on Tax Legislation

Finance Chairman says it’s “go time” to get a minimum wage increase done

Washington, DC – Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus commented today
following the House of Representatives’ vote to approve minimum wage legislation with a
package of tax incentives for small businesses. Baucus worked with Senate colleagues to craft a
tax package that lifted minimum wage legislation to Senate passage on February 1. Now the
Senate and House bills must be harmonized so that American workers can receive a long-overdue pay increase of $2.10 per hour.

“The House vote puts us one step closer to keeping our promise of a pay raise for America’s
workers. Now, it’s go time to get this minimum wage increase done,”
Baucus said. “I know
there are differences between the bills, but I’m confident they’ll be worked out. I’m already
talking with my colleagues in the Senate and in the House about the best way to get a bill
that can pass this Congress. It’s time to take this minimum wage increase the last mile into

Details of the Senate-passed tax incentives are in an online summary of the Small Business and
Work Opportunity Act at http://finance.senate.gov/

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