June 16,2000

Commitee To Mark Up Marriage Penalty Relief June 28

Legislation Will Be First of Two Revenue Reconciliation Measures

WASHINGTON -- Senate Finance Committee Chairman William V. Roth, Jr. (R-DE) today announced that the Committee will meet on Wednesday, June 28 to mark up marriage tax penalty relief as the first of two revenue reconciliation bills.

"The so-called "marriage tax penalty" hits about half of our country's married couples, sending them into a higher tax bracket than if they were single. This is patently unfair and anti-family. When a couple decides to exchange wedding vows, they shouldn't also have to take a vow of poverty. A tax form should not stand in the way of Cupid's bow," Roth stated. " That is why I intend to try again to rid the tax code of this anti-family tax."

The budget resolution instructs the Committee to report out two revenue bills as part of the budget reconciliation process. The budget instructs the Committee to report out the first revenue bill by July 13 and the second by September 22. The Committee is authorized in those bills to cut taxes by $150 billion over the next five years.