January 07,2010

Press Contact:

Bryan DeAngelis (Dodd), 202-657-9913
Scott Mulhauser/Erin Shields (Baucus), 202-224-4515

Dodd, Baucus Release Statements on White House Health Care Meeting

WASHINGTON, DC—Senators Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Max Baucus (D-MT) released the following statements today following a meeting on health care with President Barack Obama.

“We are in the final stages of this process, and at today’s meeting, we made significant progress.  Senators Reid, Baucus and I are proud of the bill we passed in the Senate – and we are grateful for the President’s leadership in working with us and House leaders to ensure that the final product finally realizes our long-held goal of making stable, quality, and affordable care available to every American,” Dodd said.

“Tonight we had a positive and productive meeting with President Obama. For nearly two years now in the Senate, we have been working to deliver health care reform that provides the quality affordable health care choices and consumer protections Americans need while reigning in the skyrocketing health care costs that threaten our economic stability, and we have produced a bill that does just that. Now, our number one priority is melding that bill with the House reform bill quickly and effectively, so the American people can begin to benefit from health care reform as soon as possible. We look forward to continued work with the President, Leader Reid and our colleagues in the House to get this done,”Baucus said.