September 08,2016

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Aaron Fobes, Julia Lawless (202)224-4515

Flashback: Summer 2016 Plagued by More Obamacare Failures

As Summer Comes to a Close, Obamacare’s Outlook Worsens

From the beginning, the President’s signature domestic policy achievement, Obamacare, has placed unnecessary burdens on American families and job creators.  This past summer, headlines and news stories indicated the implosion of the health law is nearing the tipping point.

Premiums on the Rise

Now, with next year’s enrollment period just around the corner, Americans are bracing for premium increases forecasted to cost substantially more than last year’s numbers—in some cases state insurance commissioners have approved rate increases of more than 60%.   In other cases, premiums may surpass pre-Obamacare levels - a far cry from the savings Democrats promised working American families.

Enrollment Numbers Stalling

These appalling increases, along with higher taxes and burdensome mandates, have resulted in lower than expected enrollment numbers as Obamacare faces a critical enrollment period and many Americans would rather pay fines than take part in the broken healthcare system.

Less Choice

To make matters worse, more insurers have been forced to exit the unstable marketplaces, leaving Americans in many parts of the nation with only one option for coverage.

Obamacare’s Outlook? Bleak.

At a time where most Americans view the health law more negatively than positively, it is clear that the failures of Obamacare will continue until it is replaced with patient-centered reforms that provide lower costs and quality healthcare for all Americans.