September 10,2020

Grassley Statement on Democrat Obstruction of Pandemic Relief

Washington Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) issued the following statement after Senate Democrats voted to block consideration of targeted pandemic response legislation that would have provided relief to small businesses, struggling farmers and unemployed Americans.
“Democrats are holding out for far-left priorities at the expense of Americans.
“We all agree that some level of continued federal support for unemployment insurance is needed. Today’s bill had that, yet Democrats blocked it.
“The school year has started again for kids and college students across the country. There’s bipartisan interest in providing federal help for schools implementing distance learning and working to protect students and teachers. Today’s bill had that, yet Democrats blocked it.
“The Paycheck Protection Program has expired, and many small businesses are still struggling because of the pandemic. Democrats not only blocked a renewal, but didn’t even include it in their priorities. Today’s Republican bill had that, yet Democrats blocked it.
“Senate Democrats’ choice to ignore these needs and to obstruct even in these areas we all agree are needed is just putting politics over people. The other side’s desire to harm the president’s standing is apparently all consuming and clearly greater than their desire to provide much needed relief to our fellow Americans.”
Senate Republicans, over the course of weeks, put together a targeted package of relief measures after Democrats declined to negotiate after rejecting a prior $1 trillion proposal. The targeted bill was voted down in the Senate by a vote of 52-47, with every Senate Democrat voting against the package.