December 01,2017

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Small Business Owners: Pass the Senate Tax Reform Plan

During an Event on Capitol Hill, Small Business Owners Urged Senators to Pass Tax Reform

The Senate tax reform plan provides real tax relief for small business owners across the country. The plan includes simple tax deduction on qualifying income of pass-through businesses, as well as making a number of much-needed reforms businesses on Main Street need to invest and grow. Additionally, the plan has earned the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the largest small business association in the country. 

During an event on Capitol Hill this week, small business owners from across the country joined U.S. Senators to talk about the importance of passing the Senate’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Here’s a look at what these entrepreneurs had to say: 

“As a small business owner in rural America… when I look at tax reform I see two things. The tax cuts are wonderful…[they’re] going to allow me to invest in new equipment …But I want to touch on something that might be a little more personal…The tax simplification in this reform is what excites me. Because every hour I don’t have to waste dealing with that is an hour at home with my daughters. It’s an hour at church, serving in my youth group…. We spend billions of dollars, we spend thousands or hundreds of thousands of man-hours, woman-hours, dealing with this compliance issue and it’s wasteful. It’s silly.” Alan Keck, president of Somerset Recyling 

“My name is Matt Fischer, and with my father we run two small hobby-shops and we employ seven people across our two shops, not counting our family…Like the vast majority of small businesses, Your Hobby Place believes that tax reform is vital to the future of our company and the economy as a whole. For too long the kinds of businesses that line our Main Streets and create good, local jobs have suffered under a tax code built for a previous generation of businesses. For this generation of businesses, this is the best opportunity to see badly needed reforms… We’ve experienced all these challenges at Your Hobby Place, and under pro-growth tax reform we can create more jobs, adding employees that will allow us to move on future plans of expansion and community outreachThe time to pass pro-growth tax reform is now.” —Matt Fischer, Your Hobby Place 

“…I think about the associates at my particular store and the small contractors that shop in my store, which is a significant part of our business, and how this bill is going to impact them and make their jobs a lot easier in the sense of being able to add additional equipment, being able to grow their business, do all of these other different things that I think [are] critical to our economy and as well for America” —Chico Evans, general manager, DC Area Home Depot