December 09,2014

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Wyden Announces 4th Renewal of Internet Tax Ban

Wyden’s Bill to Keep Internet Access Tax-Free Included in Funding Bill

Washington, D.C.  Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore., praised the inclusion of a one-year extension of the Internet Tax Freedom Act he originally wrote in 1998 with Republican Congressman Chris Cox, in a bill to fund the federal government. The Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) prohibits state and local government from levying discriminatory taxes on Internet taxes and services. Without ITFA, consumers would face a swift increase in the cost of Internet access and services.

Wyden fought off pressure by some in Congress to link ITFA with a controversial measure that would force Oregon small businesses to become tax collectors for hundreds of local governments.

Wyden has proposed the Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act, with 52 co-sponsors, to permanently protect the vital online marketplace from discriminatory taxes.

A fair and open Internet is an engine of economic growth in America, a launching pad for entrepreneurs and history’s most powerful tool of communication,” Wyden said. “By extending this bill, the Congress has, for the short term, ensured that this longstanding policy keeps Internet access tax-free. I’m going to continue fighting to ensure that these protections will bolster the digital economy for the long-term.”

Oregon businesses have made clear that tax-free Internet access allows them to compete with retailers around the world.