December 20,2021

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Taylor Harvey: 202-224-4515

Wyden Statement on Aduhelm Price Change

Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today issued a statement after Biogen, the maker of an Alzheimer’s drug called Aduhelm, announced a price decrease for the drug:

“This price change highlights the stakes of high cost prescription drugs for seniors and taxpayers,” Wyden. “Despite this price reduction, if Medicare covers Aduhelm, its price would remain exorbitant and would still threaten Medicare’s finances and seniors pocketbooks while there is still no evidence that the drug works as advertised. Independent analysts have estimated that the actual value of the drug is a fraction of its latest list price.

“That’s why I called on the Biden administration to take action and limit premium increases for seniors in the new year until there is more certainty about the future of this drug. With this price decrease for Aduhelm, there is even less justification for the planned increase in Medicare Part B premiums. The wheels of government must turn quickly when it comes to protecting seniors.”

Last week, Wyden called on Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra to take action to limit proposed Medicare Part B premium increases, half of which were attributed to uncertainty surrounding the cost and coverage of Aduhelm.