August 12,2022

Wyden Statement on Republican IRS Conspiracy Theories

Washington, D.C.—Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today released the following statement urging Republicans to stop pushing conspiracy theories about the IRS:

“The incendiary conspiracy theories Republicans are pushing about armed IRS agents are increasingly dangerous and out-of-control. High-ranking Republicans, including the former chair of the Finance Committee, are saying shockingly irresponsible things. Given the social media chatter we’re already seeing, it’s all too easy to imagine individuals using these conspiracy theories as justification for violence against public servants and their families. It’s unbelievable that we even need to say this, but there are not going to be 87,000 armed IRS agents going door-to-door with assault weapons. This is funding for answering phone calls and upgrading computer systems. I would hope that House Republicans act responsibly as the House considers the Inflation Reduction Act.”