June 26,2023

Wyden Statement on Supreme Court Hearing Moore v. United States

Washington, D.C.—Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden, D-Ore., issued the following statement today on the announcement that the Supreme Court will hear Moore v. United States, a case dealing with the parameters of Congressional authority to levy taxes:

“The petitioners in Moore are hoping the Supreme Court will toss out a Ninth Circuit ruling along with potentially decades of settled tax law and bipartisan agreement on Congressional authority, all for the benefit of the ultra-wealthy. If the Republicans on the Supreme Court take the petitioners’ side, they’d be handing a massive windfall to multinational corporations and could potentially lock in a right for billionaires to opt out of paying anything remotely close to a fair share in taxes. I designed my approach to taxing billionaires, the centerpiece of which is an accounting method already used in our tax code, with the understanding that special interests would come at it with well-funded legal challenges. I’m totally confident that it’s constitutional.”


Press Contact: Ryan Carey