July 08,2024

Wyden Statement on Trump Tax and Economic Platform

“Donald Trump has falsified the Republican platform to hide his true intentions like he illegally falsified business records to cover up the affair he had with a porn actress. It’s a waste of time to read into a flimsy campaign document like this to divine Trump’s tax and economic plans. The man used to be president, and his record shows he’s in it for big corporations and the ultra-wealthy like himself.

“With a second term, Trump and his Republican allies would wage class warfare against working people and the middle class in America. He wants to double down on his disastrous 2017 law, running up massive deficits to give enormous handouts to billionaires and wealthy corporations. Any benefits for working Americans, including his bogus proposal to eliminate taxes on tips, would be wiped out by the ‘Everything Tax’ he wants to impose on nearly all the basic consumer goods people buy on a daily basis, including food, clothes, school supplies, you name it. Adding insult to injury, Republicans are now scheming to gut tax credits for health care to offset some of the cost of more Trump handouts to the rich. The debt explosion his tax plan would cause would doom Social Security and trigger cuts in the very near future.

“It’s not just that Trump has zero interest in helping typical Americans with the cost of living, he’s planning to hike it in a hundred painful ways that will clobber the middle class and squeeze people who are already living paycheck to paycheck, all for the benefit of corporations and the rich. Forget his platform propaganda, that’s his real economic plan.”