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H.R. 6 Energy Policy Act of 2003
H.R. 3521 Tax Relief Extension Act of 2003
S. 622 Family Opportunity Act of 2003
H.R. 4 Personal Responsibility and Individual Development for Everyone (PRIDE) Act
H.R. 2738 United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act
H.R. 2739 United States-Singapore Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act
H.R. 2854 Availability of SCHIP Allotments for Fiscal Years 1998 through 2001
H.R. 2 Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003
S.1149 Energy Tax Incentives Act of 2003
S. 753 The Tax Court Modernization Act
S. 476 Care Act of 2003
H.RES. 126 Armed Forces Tax Fairness Act of 2003
Letter from Treasury Department General Counsel on the authorities exercised by the Commissioner of Customs
S. 3153 Tax Technical Corrections Act of 2002
S. 3018 Beneficiary Access to Care and Medicare Equity Act of 2002
S. 3100 Social Security Number Misuse Prevention Act of 2002
Small Business and Farm Economic Recovery Act of 2002
S.321 Family Opportunity Act of 2002
H.R. 5063 Armed Forces Tax Fairness Act of 2002
H.R 3009 Trade Act of 2002
S. 1971 National Employee Savings and Trust Equity Guarantee Act of 2002

Also known as the Pension Protection bill.

S. 724 Mothers and Newborns Health Insurance Act of 2002
H.R. 4737 Work, Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids (WORK) Act of 2002
S. 2119 Reversing the Expatriation of Profits Offshore Act
S. 2498 Tax Shelter Transparency Act
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