March 19,2007

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Grassley Expresses Concern about Smithsonian Secretary’s Expenses

Statement of Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa

Authorized Expenditures of Smithsonian Secretary Lawrence Small

Monday, March 19, 2007

Mr. Small’s champagne lifestyle turns out to be Dom Perignon.

The authorized expenses are over the top by any measure. The manipulation of the audit might be even worse. The Secretary and his office created a house of mirrors to deflect and disguise his abusive expenditures. That’s a violation of the public trust.

It looks like the Smithsonian Castle has been turned into Mr. Small’s palace. It’s a display of disregard for the Smithsonian’s mission to keep institution artifacts and art work in the executive office. With tax benefits and tax dollars, donations are made and items are purchased for the public to enjoy. Having a catalog’s worth of art in your office goes against the standards set by top museum directors.