September 13,2004

House, Senate Members, joined by Cuban-Americans, to Hold News Conference House Votes Tuesday (9-14) on Repeal of Cuba Travel Restrictions

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) A bipartisan group of Senators and Congressmen, led by Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) and Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and joined by a delegation of Cuban-Americans, will hold a press conference on Tuesday, September 14, at 2:15 P.M. to discuss the importance of repealing the ban on legal travel by Americans to Cuba this year.

The House will consider the Treasury-Transportation Appropriation bill on Tuesday, and Congressman Jeff Flake, whose amendment to repeal the ban passed Congress last year, will be present to discuss his amendment.

The Senate Finance Committee, under the leadership of Senator Baucus, continues its oversight activities over the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which administers the Cuba travel ban, and Senator Max Baucus will discuss how the on-going Cuba sanctions deplete resources which should be used by OFAC in the fight against terrorism and terrorist financing.

Cuban-American leaders from Miami are in Washington lobbying to overturn the ban on travel to Cuba, and are stressing the impact of the new Bush travel restrictions on their community, which has been singled out by the new, harsher rules.

The Cuban-Americans are also suggesting in a letter to President Bush, that will be released at the press conference, that family members be permitted to send financial aid to their relations in Cuba as a means of ameliorating the recent damage from the three hurricanes that caused damage on the island.

The Senate Appropriation Committee has already adopted identical language, offered by Senator Dorgan, to the Treasury Transportation bill, providing a clear route to enactment through the upcoming conference committee.

Event: Press Conference on Repealing the Cuba Travel Restrictions

Date: September 14, 2004Time: 2:15 P.M.

Participants: Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont), Congressman Jeff Flake (R-Az)

Location: Russell Park located at the corner of Delaware and Constitution near the camera risers