January 05,2006

Baucus to Visit China, India Jan. 9-16

From Beijing to Bangalore, Senator Plans Focus on Emerging Asian Economies, How America Can Adapt to Improve Global Competitiveness

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.), Ranking Member on the Senate committee responsible for U.S. trade law, announced today he will visit China and India next week to examine thesecountries’ growing economies and determine ways to improve America’s competitiveness in the new global marketplace.

In China and India, Baucus will tour businesses to see how and why jobs are flowing into the Asian technology sector – which can illuminate what sorts of good-paying jobs can be created and kept in theUnited States. In both countries, Baucus will meet with entrepreneurs and educators, and will give majoraddresses on how our nations should relate on trade and other issues. Baucus’s trip will take him toBeijing, Chongqing, Bangalore and Delhi.

“America needs to take bold action now to stay competitive in the global marketplace, and to keep good, high-paying jobs available here at home for our children and grandchildren,” said Baucus. “If we’re going to make the most of the world’s changing economics, we need to understand what’s happening in Asia today. I’m going to see what China and India are doing right. I’m going to see the challenges those countries face. I’m going to see what opportunities are there for America –what partnerships need to be made and strengthened. And I’m going to see where we need to workharder to stay ahead.”

Several Montana business leaders will accompany Baucus on the trip. Beginning in Beijing, the group will meet with government officials and entrepreneurs, and tour Microsoft and Lenovo facilities. The next stop in Chonqing, China, will show the contrast between development in Western and central China withdevelopment in the more prosperous East.

Baucus will stop in Singapore to meet with former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. The delegation will then travel to Bangalore, India to visit software giant Infosys, the Jack Welch Technology Center, andother sites. Finally, in Delhi, Baucus and the delegation will meet with top government officials and speakwith students at Delhi’s prestigious Indian Institute of Technology.

NOTE TO PRESS – FOR PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY: Please contact Carol Guthrie at 202-224-4515 or at carol_guthrie@finance-dem.senate.gov to inquire about coverage opportunities.

Baucus is the highest-ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction overinternational trade policy in the U.S. In 2000, Baucus led the Congress in granting normal trading statusbetween the U.S. and China.

An itinerary for the trip follows. Some times and events are subject to change.


BEIJING, CHINA (arrive Sunday, January 8)

Monday, January 9

Tour and meetings at Microsoft Research Asia
Tour and meetings at Lenovo
Lunch with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists
Dinner with U.S. Ambassador Clark “Sandy” Randt

Tuesday, January 10
Meet with Chinese Government officials TBD
12:00 p.m. U.S.-China Business Council luncheon at China World Hotel
Senator Baucus gives keynote address (NOTE: OPEN TO PRESS)
Meet with Chinese Government officials TBD


Wednesday, January 11
Meet with Chongqing Resettlement Bureau officials
Meet with Chongqing Environmental Bureau officials
Lunch with Chinese academics from local universities
Tour Ford Motor Company factory
Dinner with Chongqing mayor Wang Hongju


Thursday, January 12
Meet with former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew
NOTE TO PRESS – FOR PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY: Please contact Carol Guthrie at 202-224-4515 or at carol_guthrie@finance-dem.senate.gov to inquire about coverage opportunities.


Friday, January 13
Tour and meetings at the Jack Welch Technology Center
Tour and meetings at the Indian Space Research Organization
Tour and meetings at Target facility
Dinner with the American Chamber of Commerce and Indo-American Chamber of Commerce

Saturday, January 14

Meet with Minister for Industry and Infrastructure, Government of Karnataka
Visit and tour Infosys
Visit Outreach micro-credit program field office
Visit Indian village to interact with micro-credit program beneficiaries


Sunday, January 15

Lunch with Ambassador Mulford
Visit to metro in Old Delhi
Visit to “Hole in the Wall” project (Internet kiosks for children in Delhi’s slums)
Dinner with Ambassador Mulford

Monday, January 16

Meet with Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission
Meet with senior opposition party official
Meet with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (TEN)
Meet with Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi (TEN)
1:00 p.m. CII Lunch at Windsor Hall, Hotel le Meridien, Windsor Place –
Senator Baucus to deliver keynote address (NOTE: OPEN TO PRESS)
Meet with Minister of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways
Meet with Commerce Minister
Meet with students and faculty at Indian Institute of Technology
Meet with Foreign Secretary
Depart Tuesday, January 17