October 30,2003

Baucus Urges Quick Action to Keep Internet Tax Free

Original Internet Tax Freedom Act Expires Nov. 1, Finance Committee Moves Permanency Bill Forward

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) The U.S. Senate Finance Committee today discharged the Internet Tax Freedom Act, which will allow the bill to now move quickly to the Senate floor. The bill will ensure that new taxes cannot be imposed on Internet access and addresses all forms of access such as broadband, cable, and wireless.

"It's very important that we permanently ensure that access to the Internet will remain tax free," Baucus said. "The Internet is an incredible resource and should be available for the lowest cost possible so everyone has access. By keeping the Internet tax free, we're helping to ensure that institutions such as libraries and schools can afford to provide access. It's also very important for rural areas, such as my state of Montana, to keep the Internet as accessible as possible."

The bill discharged from the Finance Committee today will permanently extend the original legislation, which was enacted in 1998 and will expire on November 1, 2003.