February 03,2010

Grassley asks Orszag to explain reporting requirements for recipients of stimulus dollars

Senator seeks vigilance over $787 billion taxpayer-funded program

WASHINGTON – Senator Chuck Grassley is following up on the response he received from the Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget with questions about what the response left unanswered. Grassley asked about new information related to the lack of reporting requirements for recipients of federal economic stimulus dollars, the apparent lack of procedures for preventing the award of stimulus funds to ineligible recipients, and how recipients who received funds without asking were selected.

“I appreciate how quickly Director Orzsag responded to my first letter. The reach of this $787 billion program is enormous, so every effort needs to be made to account for the tax dollars that are spent. Transparency is a key element of accounting for the expenditures and determining the success of the effort,” Grassley said. “I’ll keep asking questions and working to shed light on where the money is going.”

The text of Grassley’s second letter, which he sent today, is immediately below. The letter he sent last Friday follows. The February 1 response of OMB Director Orszag is posted with this news release at http://finance.senate.gov and http//grassley.senate.gov.