July 30,2007

Grassley seeks more information about problems at NIH

WASHINGTON - Sen. Chuck Grassley is broadening his inquiry into allegations of mismanagement at the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences, one of the 27 institutes and centers of the National Institutes of Health.

“We need to attract and keep the best minds for government research, but we can’t do it at the expense of high ethical standards and fidelity to the public good,” Grassley said. “It’s hard to see how making thousands of dollars to testify in court cases advances the interest of the American taxpayer.”

The senator has ongoing reviews of several agencies whose medical research and use of public funds help to advance public welfare. He is Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Finance.

The text of Grassley’s letter to Elias Zerhouni, Director of the National Institutes of Health, is attached in the Printer-Friendly Version attachment.