January 05,2010

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Jill Kozeny, 202/224-1308

Jill Gerber, 202/224-6522

Grassley: Taiwan’s Effort to Ban Some U.S. Beef is Unfounded, Inappropriate

To: Reporters and Editors

Fr: Jill Gerber for Sen. Grassley, 202/224-6522

Re: Taiwan on U.S. beef

Da: Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa today made the following comment on Taiwan’s advancement of a ban on some U.S. beef imports. Grassley is ranking member and former chairman of the Committee on Finance, with Senate jurisdiction over international trade.

“I’m concerned that Taiwan’s legislature is banning imports of some U.S. beef and beef products. U.S. beef is safe. The World Organization for Animal Health has determined that all U.S. beef can be traded safely because of the safeguards that the United States has undertaken. Taiwan’s own Department of Health has recognized the safety of U.S. beef.

“This ban is inconsistent with a beef trade protocol that the United States and Taiwan finished only two months ago. It calls into question Taiwan’s credibility as a reliable U.S. trading partner. And, it raises serious concerns regarding Taiwan’s commitments as a member of the World Trade Organization. This ban is scientifically unfounded and unnecessary. It never should have advanced.”