May 24,2007

Grassley: U.S.-China Trade Meeting Conveys Role of Congress to Chinese Delegation

Sen. Chuck Grassley, ranking member of the Committee on Finance, made the following comment after a committee members’ meeting with a high-ranking Chinese delegation to discuss U.S.-China trade relations.
“We had a frank exchange of views on problem areas in our trading relationship. We discussed many issues, including the undervalued Chinese currency, restrictions on imports of U.S. beef, food safety, and the enforcement of intellectual property rights. It seemed there was general agreement on the areas of concern, but different views on the pace of reform needed to address them. I stressed that China can and should move more quickly to respond to these concerns. It’s in both countries’ interests.

“The meeting’s value was for the Chinese delegation to hear directly from a branch of our federal government that’s equal to the executive branch and has constitutional authority over trade. I hope the meeting helped the Chinese delegation to better understand Congress’ role in trade.”