February 20,2004

Sen. Baucus Applauds Appointment of Mark McClellan to Oversee CMS

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) U.S. Senator Max Baucus today applauded President Bush's selectionof Mark McClellan as head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), statingthat he's optimistic that the appointment will move smoothly through the Senate.

"Dr. McClellan was an expert resource throughout last year's Medicare prescription drugnegotiations and I found him to be a straight-shooter who doesn't allow politics to get in the wayof good policy," Baucus said. "I expect his Senate confirmation process to move forward withouta hitch. I look forward to working together with Dr. McClellan as we oversee implementation ofthe prescription drug bill."

Baucus added that McClellan's background will be an asset to CMS, given his experienceas Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration since Nov. 2002, and his work with theFDA prescription drug review process. McClellan has also served as an Associate Professor ofEconomics at Stanford University, Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford Medical School,a practicing internist, and Director of the Program on Health Outcomes Research at StanfordUniversity.

During 2001 and 2002, Dr. McClellan was a member of the President's Council ofEconomic Advisers and counseled on health care and related economic issues for the WhiteHouse. He also served in the Clinton Administration, working at the U.S. Department ofTreasury.

"Dr. McClellan's broad background allows him to effectively view both sides of an issueand make decisions that work for the country. CMS will be well served to have him at the helm,"