April 22,2004

Senator Commends China's Agreement to Delay Wireless Encryption Standard

Baucus Pressed for Decision in Recent Asia Trip

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) U.S. Senator Max Baucus, ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, released the following statement concerning China’s decision to delay indefinitely the implementation of its wireless encryption standard:

“I’m delighted that China has taken this step. Mandating a wireless encryption standard different from internationally accepted standards would have unfairly advantaged Chinese companies in their home market, hurt U.S. companies, and violated China’s WTO commitments. I made that point again and again in meetings during my recent trip to China. I’m very pleased to see that the message got through.”

Baucus traveled to China with representatives from U.S. companies and Montana farmers in March to meet with Chinese leaders and discuss the U.S.-China trading relationship. The Senator will also meet today with Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi. Baucus has consistently pressed the Chinese on their wireless encryption standard, and also stressed the need for China to do better on enforcing intellectual property rights. China yesterday also announced its intention to take measures to enforce intellectual property rights more strictly, including by enhancing criminal penalties for violators.

“China’s movement on wireless encryption and intellectual property shows once again the importance of U.S. legislators visiting other countries and talking about issues of importance to both sides. I’m happy that our trip helped produce results.”