June 26,2003

Statement of Senator Max Baucus on the Nominations of Josette Shiner and Jim Jochum

Ms. Shiner and Mr. Jochum, I want to begin by welcoming you and your families and friends to theFinance Committee. You are to be congratulated for being selected by the President to serve in theseimportant positions. We appreciate your service to the country. To your families, we recognize that youmake the real sacrifices. Thank you for your service to our country as well. Both nominees before us todayhave interesting and successful backgrounds that they bring to their positions.

Ms. Shiner has been nominated to be Deputy United States Trade Representative. She has overtwenty years of experience as a successful journalist and businesswoman, but she has worked these last twoyears at USTR in a high-ranking policy-making position.

Mr. Jochum has been nominated to be Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Import Administration.He currently serves as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration, a position for which hewas confirmed by the Banking Committee and the full Senate only two years ago. He will bring a wealth ofexperience both in international trade matters and in working with the Congress.

Mr. Chairman, thank you for moving forward with today’s hearing and giving these nominees promptconsideration by the Finance Committee. I look forward to working with both of these nominees in the future.