September 15,2003

Statement of Senator Max Baucus Regarding the Breakdown of Trade Talks at World Trade Organization Ministerial

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) U.S. Senator Max Baucus, Ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee,issued the following statement concerning the results of the World Trade Organization Ministerial in Cancunthis past weekend.

“This is a very disappointing and unfortunate outcome. I went to Cancun in a hopeful frame ofmind. I worked very hard, as did the other Members who attended the Ministerial, to make it clear that theUnited States is willing to do its share – and then some – to make the Doha Development Round a success.”“Unfortunately, some of our trading partners were not as willing to step up and contribute to apositive outcome. In a consensus-based organization like the WTO, there cannot be countries that only giveand countries that only take. ”

“Frankly, those who think they stand to benefit from this week’s turn of events are deceivingthemselves. With innovations in technology and communications drawing the economies of the world evercloser together, we need more than ever to keep up the momentum toward a truly level playing field fortrade. Only then can countries at all levels of development maximize their chances of succeeding in aglobalized world.”

“I want to thank Ambassador Zoellick and his team for their incredib ly hard work before and duringthis Ministerial. The process of trade liberalization in the WTO has seen setbacks before. I know our tradenegotiators will keep working toward getting the WTO process back on track.”

“In the meantime, the United States should continue to pursue our trade goals through bilateral andregional free trade agreements. It has not gone unnoticed that some of the same countries that took hard-linepositions in Cancun are negotiating or proposing to negotiate free trade agreements with the United States.Whatever our differences in the WTO, we should not refuse to negotiate with these countries if ourcommercial interests in their markets are sound. But this week’s events do put the onus on them to undertakethe kind of comprehensive commitments which form the basis of all our FTAs.”

“Access to the large and vibrant U.S. market remains our best leverage in opening markets aroundthe world. We must continue to use that leverage well.”