February 05,2015

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Wyden Calls for Tax Reform that Helps the Middle Class

Top Democrat Says Business-Only Reform Leaves Too Many Behind

WASHINGTON –Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden, D-Ore., at a hearing with Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to discuss the president’s 2016 budget, said today that a comprehensive overhaul of the tax code is the best way to make the tax system fairer and simpler for American families, workers and businesses.

“When it comes to the tax code, why keep bailing water out of the boat instead of fixing the leaks?” Wyden said. “Comprehensive tax reform is the best route to a modern tax system that will help put America’s middle class on solid economic ground.”

“The corporate side of our tax code undeniably needs improvement; tax reform can and should make American businesses more competitive in the tough global marketplace. But it would be a grave mistake to leave millions of middle class families and small businesses out. I would not want to have to explain to a single parent in Oregon why Congress overhauled the tax code for corporations but not for him or her.”

Wyden’s full opening statement is available here.