August 02,2018

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Wyden Questions Top Sanctions Enforcer on Ties Between US, Russian Arms Manufacturers and Russian Oligarchs

Washington, D.C. – Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden, D-Ore., this week asked the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Acting Director Andrea Gacki whether OFAC is looking into possible relationships between US arms manufacturers and Russian arms manufactures with ties to sanctioned Russian nationals and oligarchs, including Alexander Torshin. Torshin, who reportedly has extensive ties to the National Rifle Association (NRA), was sanctioned by the United States in April due to his close relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Wyden inquired about arms manufacturers Kalashnikov USA and Tulammo USA and their ties to state-owned Russian arms manufacturers Kalashnikov Concern and Tula Cartridge Plant, respectively. The United States sanctioned Kalashnikov Concern in 2014. 

Wyden requested answers to the following questions:

On Kalashnikov USA and Kalashnikov Concern

  1. Can you confirm whether OFAC has investigated the publicly reported business relationship between Kalashnikov USA and Mr. [Michael] Tiraturian, and Kalashnikov Concern and Mr. [Alexey] Krivoruchko?
  2. If so, did the domestic Kalashnikov entity maintain a business relationship with the sanctioned arms manufacturer as indicated by public reporting?
  3. While Mr. Krivoruchko may not currently be a specially designated national and blocked person does his recent position as CEO of a sanctioned foreign arms manufacturer, current position within the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense, and affiliation to a domestic arms manufacturer with a prior and potentially existing business relationship raise additional concerns for your office?
  4. If your office has made a determination that Kalashnikov USA was not working for or on behalf of sanctioned Kalashnikov Concern, please explain the reasoning for that determination.

On Tulammo USA and Tula Cartridge Works (aka Tula Cartridge Plant)

  1. Has your office performed an analysis of whether Tula Cartridge Works and Tula Cartridge Plant are in fact, one entity under partial state control?
  2. Can you confirm whether OFAC has considered sanctioning Tula Cartridge Works due to its apparently relationship with Rostec and sanctioned oligarch Igor Rotenberg?
  3. If yes, please explain why the company has not been added to the Specially Designated Nationals List or Sectoral Sanctions Identifications List pursuant to OFAC guidance on the 50 Percent Rule?
  4. If no, do the public facts cited above warrant an investigation?  Please explain.
  5. Can you confirm whether OFAC has investigated the relationship between Tulammo USA and Tula Cartridge Works, and whether a determination to sanction Tula Cartridge Works would have any bearing on Tulammo USA?

You can read Wyden’s full letter here.