October 19,2017

Press Contact:

Rachel McCleery

Wyden Statement on Budget Passage and Tax Reform

Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today issued the following statement on tax reform and the passage of the Senate budget resolution:

“The bottom line on this budget is that it’s a right-wing fantasy document that paves the way for a hyper-partisan process on tax reform and trillions of dollars of handouts to big corporations and the wealthy. Democrats agree the tax code is a broken, rotten mess, and you fix it by focusing on simplicity and putting dollars back in middle class pockets. That’s what Democrats want to bring to the table in a bipartisan debate. The proven model for tax reform is what Ronald Reagan, nobody’s leftist firebrand, was able to accomplish in 1986 by working with Democrats and bringing together good ideas from both sides. But because today’s budget green-lights the reconciliation process, it amounts to a rejection of the Reagan-style bipartisan approach to tax reform.”