September 30,2015

Press Contact:

Keith Chu (202) 224-3789

Wyden Statement on Commencement of Atlanta TPP Ministerial

WASHINGTON- Sen. Ron Wyden, ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, issued the following statement on the start of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiating rounds in Atlanta:

“This is a big week for trade negotiations,” Wyden said. “Key issues are still on the table and must be resolved. In my view it’s important that the U.S. obtain a balanced dairy package that provides significant new access to Canada’s dairy market, ensure fair limitations and exceptions to copyright provisions, and that the agreement protects the ability of countries to promote public health, including as it relates to regulating tobacco use.

“Americans deserve nothing less than a good deal for our workers and our businesses. If an agreement can’t be reached in Atlanta that reflects these priorities and is consistent with the objectives of Trade Promotion Authority, I expect the negotiations will continue until such an agreement can be obtained."