July 07,2020

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Ashley Schapitl (202)224-4515

Wyden Statement on Need to Extend Supercharged Unemployment Benefits

Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today released the following statement on the need to extend supercharged unemployment benefits:

“Leader McConnell this week spoke about the next coronavirus relief package and again made no mention of unemployment benefits. To be clear, a second $1,200 check is not a replacement for supercharged unemployment benefits.

“Under no circumstances should Congress consider legislation that tells unemployed workers to go pound sand while shielding Leader McConnell’s donors from accountability for putting their workers’ health at risk. 

“The next coronavirus relief package must extend supercharged unemployment benefits, and tie them to economic conditions on the ground so this lifeline is not at risk every few months.  

“Supercharged unemployment benefits have kept the economy afloat and allowed millions of families to pay the rent and buy groceries. They are extremely popular with the American people and the data have shown that they have not hindered the economic recovery.

“The popularity and success of supercharged unemployment benefits is precisely why Republicans oppose them – there's no better evidence of Republicans' failed trickle-down economic agenda than the success of putting money in workers’ hands.

“Cutting the incomes of unemployed workers by up to 70% as coronavirus cases explode across much of the country and workers are being laid off for a second time would be disastrous, and Democrats must not let that happen.”