February 11,2015

Press Contact:

Keith Chu: 202-224-0537

Wyden Statement on U.S. Challenge to Illegal Chinese Subsidies

WASHINGTON - Today, the United States Trade Representative challenged illegal subsidies from China that appear to have been provided to its companies in sectors including textiles, agriculture, apparel and footwear, specialty chemicals, medical products, hardware and building materials, light industry and advanced materials and metals. Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore., Ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, issued the following statement:

“When China breaks the rules, American workers depend on strong enforcement to ensure a level playing field,” Wyden said. “Today’s action shows that American manufacturing of everything from auto parts to specialty steel is on the line. This is why it is vital that we have strong enforcement provisions in any new trade legislation. Our companies and our workers cannot be expected to compete against companies that have an unfair advantage in trade, thanks to export subsidies handed out by every level in the Chinese government. I am pleased the Administration is taking this step to fight back.”