October 16,2001

Joint Statement by Senators Baucus and Grassley on Nomination of Janet Hale to be Assistant Secretary of Management and Budget at The Department of HHS

Ms. Janet Hale has been nominated by the President for the position of Assistant Secretary of Management and Budget (ASMB) at the Department of Health and Human Services.

As part of the confirmation process, the Senate Finance Committee requires each nominee to complete a questionnaire and supply information regarding their background and qualifications.The questionnaire requires the nominee to provide detailed information on legal and other matters and asks directly whether they have been investigated for a breach of ethics or a violation of law. The nominee is also asked if they are aware of any information, favorable or unfavorable,that should be considered in connection with the nomination.

Ms. Hale did not disclose to the Committee her role as a witness in a criminal investigation involving several HUD executives, although she did discuss this matter with the White House and the FBI. Her failure to be forthcoming and candid required the Committee to conduct an extensive review of her involvement. She was involved in the Office of Independent Counsel investigation of HUD and testified about her role before Congress.

Ms. Hale has written the attached letter to the Committee regarding her service at HUD. As her letter explains, Ms. Hale cooperated completely with investigators. Ms. Hale’s letter is helpful in understanding her role at HUD during this period and we want to make it a part of the public record as the Committee considers her nomination.