June 07,2022

Wyden Statement on Suspension of Solar Trade Investigation

Washington, D.C. -- Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today issued the following statement, in response to the White House announcement that it would freeze new tariffs on foreign solar panels, even if the panels violated trade rules. The move means there will be no tariffs for two years under an ongoing Commerce Department investigation into whether Chinese companies have circumvented tariffs by transshipping their panels through other nations.  

America needs to put points on the board against the climate crisis, right now. That means speeding up clean energy deployment and bringing solar manufacturing back to the U.S., so we're not swapping dependence on Russian and Saudi oil for dependence on Chinese solar panels. And that’s why I introduced the Clean Energy for America Act to support all forms of zero-carbon energy,” Wyden said.

“I have significant concerns about gifting Chinese producers – wherever they’re located – a two-year delay in penalties, instead of holding them accountable for their trade cheating that kills prospects for American manufacturing. Rebuilding American manufacturing requires both government support and the assurance that predatory, state-subsidized foreign industries won't be able to cheat with impunity.”